Monday, February 15, 2016

365.46: Living by the Phone

I have heard people use the expression "sitting by the phone" to communicate that they were waiting for news about an urgent matter. Today and probably for the foreseeable future, we won't be sitting by our phones as much as we will be living by our phones. Every ring, beep, or tone could be a message about Dad. When the phone makes a noise, everything else stops. We got several today, and each was precious to hear. Michelle's brother is with Dad and Mom right now, and he is doing a great job keeping the whole family posted. Dad is still in ICU fighting sepsis. The doctors are having a hard time locating the infection, but the doctors are filling him with antibiotics, and he is not as critical as he was last night. Michael tells us that he is more alert and witnessing to the nurses. Thank you for all the encouraging words and especially your prayers!

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