Friday, March 16, 2012

Now Taking 2013 Rep Applications

Would you like to get a FREE senior portrait session? Would you like to get INSANE discounts on the hottest new senior portrait prints and products? Are you outgoing and ready to make some magic in front of the camera? If you answered YES to these questions then YOU need to apply to be a Class of 2013 Senior Rep for Dan Moore Designs!

What is a DMD Senior Rep?
A Senior Rep is someone that is willing to represent Dan Moore Designs to all their friends.  I've got some great swag to help you show off your portraiture awesomeness.  My plan is that once your friends see what I do – they'll run to me for their pictures.  No more than one student from each high school in the KC Metro will be selected so get your app in NOW. I am looking for FIVE GUYS and FIVE GIRLS.

What do you get?
1. One absolutely AWESOME and absolutely FREE photo session. The session will last about 2 hours and can be just about wherever you would like it to be.
2. A disc with all the images from your session in web format. These images will each have the DMD stamp to help you promote your favorite photographer! These are perfect for Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.
3. One 20 page brag book to show off the very best poses from your session with DMD.
4. 25 rep cards in a shiny metallic case. These are the cards you will pass out to your friends. They will have YOUR picture on them and my contact info so other seniors can book sessions too!

What happens when someone books a session with your rep card?

When someone books and pays for his or her senior session with DMD and presents your rep card, both you and your friend will receive any ONE of the following items from DMD...FREE!
-One digital image in high resolution with permission to print at the lab of your choice  OR
-16 high quality wallets in a single pose in the finish of your choice  OR
-1 8x10 high quality print in a single pose in the finish of your choice  OR
-2 5x7s high quality prints in a single pose in the finish of your choice.

What's the deal with all this free stuff?
Word of mouth is the best marketing plan! All you have to do is show off your pictures. If another senior seems interested, you give them one of your rep cards! You don't have to discuss pricing, packages or any of that stuff.

What's the fine print?
1. You must have permission from a parent or legal guardian.
2. You and your parent/legal guardian must sign a model release form for your pictures to be used in DMD advertising.
3. You have to cross your heart and promise to represent DMD ONLY! You can't represent DMD and another studio! This is an exclusive gig!

What do you do to sign up?
Just click HERE to complete the application! Don't forget to have your parents email me TWO pictures of you (with your name in the body of the email). This is REQUIRED for consideration! Deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 27. Senior Reps will be announced on May 1, 2012. Sessions must be completed by Sunday, July 1, 2012.

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  1. Dan, what a great marketing idea! You are so clever...did Michelle help you come up with the idea? ;) mom