Monday, March 7, 2016

365.67: Grilled Cheese

Is it the gooey goodness or the crispy crunch that gets you? Michelle adds bacon roasted in the oven to her grilled cheese. Tonight was a great night for a full mug of chicken and rice soup and a creamy, crispy grilled cheese sandwich.
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

365.66: Eraser Stamps

The kids love these hand-carved pencil erasers given to them by Mrs. Townsend before she moved away. They won't sharpen any of the pencils, they just like to look at the details on the ends! Thanks, Mrs. Shenagh, for being so thoughtful. We miss you!
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365.65: Seascape Saturday

Here is K's first creation with her birthday presents (oils, brushes, and canvases). She pulled this off today in about five hours. I love watching her create her masterpieces. She sees beauty in what others consider mundane. I love that about her.
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365.64: Pretty Pendant

K was thrilled when Grandma and Grandpa's birthday present for her arrived. The silver monogram pendant took her breath away. "Oh, Daddy," she said, "I've never owned such pretty jewelry. I can't believe Grandma and Grandpa got this for me." I love that something as simple as a necklace can still fill her heart with thanks and appreciation.
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

365.63: Face Shake

We had some good laughs tonight! Here's the game: shake your face back and forth as fast as you can while someone snaps several pictures! The results make you look like you just got punched by Mike Tyson in slow motion! Be warned....Titus was a little dizzy afterwards...but it was worth the laughs we got!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

365.62: Buckeye Cake

Michelle made this amazing peanut butter chocolate buckeye cake tonight. It was really good! Not too sweet and full of peanutty-chocolatey deliciosity. We had our slices straight out of the oven, but I imagine it will be good once it's cooled too...I'll let you know tomorrow...
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

365.61: Making Progress

She is still hard at work on her oil painting for state competition. She has spent so much time on the details! She stares at this canvas for hours and makes adustments to the smallest stroke or swirl to get the image to match her vision for the work. Although I love watching her paint, her teacher doesn't like the paparazzi in the art I snapped a quick one and scooted on out. Competition is a week from Thursday...she says she has a lot of work yet to do. Looks great to me, but she and her teacher know best, I suppose!
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