Sunday, February 14, 2016

365.45: Tightly Knit Together

Michelle's mom loves to knit, and Michelle's dad even enjoys learning knitting from Mom. You should see some of his knitted creations! HA! Let's just say that he is still learning! We spent last evening at their house and were headed out the door to see Dad at the hospital before driving back home to Florida. I saw Mom's basket of knitting needles under the coffee table, and the beauty of all the needles caught my eye. I snapped a quick shot and told Mom that her knitting needles were probably going to be my picture of the day today! Little did I know what the day would hold. We left to drive back to Florida a little after 10:00 this morning only to get a call from Mom around 5:00 p.m. that Dad had taken a very serious turn for the worse. He is fighting for his life right now in the ICU. We don't know what God has planned, but we trust Him. We thank God for our family. We thank Him for how tightly knit we are even when things are unbelievably difficult. We are not a perfect family, but through our imperfections, the grace of God shows!.

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