Thursday, February 18, 2016

365.49: Creamy or Crunchy

Language fascinates me. Communication has so much nuance and subtlety...sometimes two people can use the same word(s) and be thinking of two completely different things. No where is this phenomenon seen more clearly than in peanut butter. For some, peanut butter is smooth and Velvet-y (shout out to my Michiganders: For others, peanut butter is loaded with chunks of crunchy nuts. I have always fallen into the creamy camp. Several months ago, we had someone give us some groceries because they were headed out of town. Among the groceries was an unopened jar of extra crunchy Jif. It stayed unopened until tonight. I have to say...I'm not a fan. It just feels like something is in there that doesn't belong. To each his own, I suppose...but when you hear me say "peanut butter," rest assured...I'm talking creamy!

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