Sunday, February 7, 2016

365.38: A Daddy's Hands

We drove all through the night to come to Huntsville to be with Michelle's dad. This past Thursday, he was diagnosed with aggressive acute myelogenous leukemia. The doctors have advised an aggressive and intense chemotherapy regimen which he began on Friday. The doctors said the effects will begin hitting him hard on Tuesday. Today we all prayed together, we read Scripture together, we cried together...through most of it, Michelle held his hands tightly and cried. It's hard to explain the nature of those kinds of tears, but those of you who have cried them know exactly what they are. I was able to get this picture of my wife holding her daddy's hands.

God is good all the the joys and in the trials...

Dad's mom, Esther Durrill, died when he was only eighteen months old. He never knew her. On Thursday, after the doctor gave dad his diagnosis and prognosis, he introduced him to the nurse that would handle his care.

Her name is Esther.

God is good all the the joys and in the trials...

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