Friday, January 3, 2014

365.3: UPS Christmas After-Party

Have you been reading all the ruckus about the late deliveries from UPS and FedEx this season? Some people have been pretty upset by it all. We had two packages come quite late from UPS. One was full of Christmas presents that were for family that had been visiting for the holiday. Those will need to be mailed on since family has already gone home. The one that arrived today was for us and was full of presents from my parents. It was like a little Christmas after-party. The girls got some fun clothes and accessories. T got a devotional book and a cool string puzzle book. I got a little lens for my iPhone camera (more to come from that in a later post). M got a new phone case and some socks. It was all great fun!

But then...

There was a tin at the bottom of the box. I knew what it was before I even opened it. Puppy chow. Not kibble for young canines, but the chocolate-peanut-butter-powdered-sugar-covered breakfast cereal that has played an integral part of my family's Christmas tradition for decades.

How many times do I have to reboot this New Year's diet thing?

You may say there's no such thing as Santa, but the powdered sugar in my goatee may give you pause.

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