Thursday, January 7, 2016

365.7: The Chemistry of Simplicity

I don't know what this bush is in front of our house, but the berries are so colorful. They remind me of the diagrams and models that my college roommate used to put together for his organic chemistry class. The colors are different every few weeks, so it's really neat to see the bush change from month to month. There were some frustrations at school today...nothing major, and I'm thankful for our support staff at CCS who work so hard to make sure things work right. They take really good care of us! But today...despite their best efforts...the tech wasn't doing what it was supposed to do. My heart was all tense when I got home. Seeing this bush with its colors, detail, and lack of plugs, cables, and cords helped me to put things in perspective. I'm thankful that God puts simple little things like this in our paths to keep our focus on Him and the simple things He has given us...which often are the things that matter most!

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