Tuesday, January 12, 2016

365.12: That Boy of Mine

When I sit on the sidelines and watch this boy play basketball, my heart is full of such gratitude that words nearly fail me.


I am overwhelmed that God has seen fit to entrust me with a son. I am so unworthy to be blessed with this boy. He makes me want to be the dad I should be! He is compassionate and sensitive. He is reckless and impulsive. He is kind and caring. He is headstrong and overconfident. He is spiritual and teachable. He is so many conflicts rolled up into one package...yet he looks to me to guide him. In spite of my failings with him...he still looks to me to point him in the right direction. It's humbling.

I could wrap my arms around him and hug him hard forever and ever, but as I watch him dribble the ball on the court, take a shot, miss, dribble the ball, take a shot, and make it, I realize that there are many lessons he will have to learn without me. There are lessons that he learns from his coach, his pastor, his choir director, his youth pastor, his band conductor, his administrator, his teachers, and his friends.

These are all lessons that he learns from God.

I hope he never stops learning. I hope that with all his getting, he gets understanding. Wisdom is the principal thing. More than the layups, more than the A's...I want him to get wisdom.

I am thankful for him, and I am proud of him!

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